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Fever In Babies: What To Do

If your baby is sick, fever is a symptom that can be observed commonly. Does this symptom always need

Vision development of Baby

Its rightly said that life Is very beautiful only if we able to see it and but natural, we

Are Probiotics safe to use for children?

Probiotics are increasingly becoming widely accepted and used basically because of its potential benefits. It is a very effective

Kill Dehydration

Dehydration simply means that lack of required amount of fluid in body. Babies are more prone to dehydration than

Growth Charts: Understanding the results

Growth charts: If our doctor has any concerns about our baby’s growth later in pregnancy the doctor can arrange

Nine medicines you shouldn’t give your baby

Aspirin Giving aspirin to your child can make your child susceptible to Reye’s syndrome — a rare but potentially

Doctor Visit Worksheet: The 12-month checkup

What is done at the checkup? The baby is weighed and measured to make sure he’s growing at a

Foods That Can Be Unsafe For Your Toddler

Foods to avoid: 12 to 24 months You must not rely on low-fat milk for your baby as it

Preparing the Baby for Vaccination

  All parents are scared of taking their babies to the doctor for vaccinations. Though these vaccinations are very

The Ear, Nose, Throat and Respiratory System in Children

Baby Coughs, baby colds and infections of the interconnected passageways of the ears, nose, throat and lungs are the