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Swine Flu: Symptoms and Caution

H1N1 virus also called as swine flu virus is wrecking havoc around the world. You would be indeed an

H1N1 Influenza A (Swine Flu) and Its Nature – All Parents Should Know This

Swine flu, the word evokes fear and panic in the stoutest of hearts and minds as people run fearful

Swine Flu in Babies – Symptoms and Things to Avoid

Swine flu or influenza A (H1N1) is a strain of flu which was only seen in pigs until recently.

Low Birth Weight Babies

Low birth weight is a term used to describe babies born with weight less than 2500 grams. Babies with

Top 3 Methods to Help Your Baby Naturally Relieve Gas

Summary As parents, we do everything we can think of to make our babies comfortable and keep them happy,

Baby Ear Infection

Baby ear infection is caused by the development of bacteria in the passage of the ear. Normally the little

How to Prevent Baby Acid Reflux?

In contrary to our common belief, babies also suffer from acid reflux disease or otherwise known as Gastro Esophageal

What to Do if a Baby Keeps Passing Gas

That question is popular for a new parent who have a baby with gas problem. every baby, especially a

Blocked Tear Duct in Babies

Blocked Tear Duct in Babies Hi new Mom and Pop, congratulation for your newborn baby. For you all of

Natural Pink Eye Drops use in Babies

Natural Pink Eye Drops use in Babies If you have a pink eye in baby problem, you could try

What Can You Do for Constipation in a Baby?

Yes I want to ask you that question because many parents, especially new parent, including me will ask that

How to Treat Infant Rashes

Do you have any experience with infant rashes?What does infant rashes look like?What do you do if you found

Autism in Babies vs Drinking Mother while Pregnant

Today I have read a great news about the relationship of drinking mother while she was pregnant with autism

Infant Circumcision – The Circumcision Surgery Procedure

This post about infant circumcision is a repercussion of the pros and cons of newborn circumcision before. At that

Asthma in Babies-Lisa Need help for Infant asthma Problem

Today I check my email address and I got an email from Lisa, She said:”My 6 month old infant