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Baby skin is more sensitive than adults and older children and therefore is more susceptible to drying and damage. This is because the skin is thinner at a young age, produces less sebum and melanin and such defenses in the neonate and infant are not fully developed. It is therefore necessary to pay special attention to skin care until the maturation takes place.


1. It overheated house, room air should not be dry, on the contrary, it is even advisable to use a humidifier in winter

2. Baby bath should not be too long, too hot or too often done. For dry skin baby bath should last 10-15 minutes, at approximately 36 degrees and can be done in 2-3 days. Do not use bubble bath to baby’s skin extra dry.

3. The skin should be cleaned gently not to remove lipids and moisturizing elements from its surface. To do this, use soap-free cleaners and bathing products are indicated with a high fat content to restore skin’s natural barrier.

Our recommendation is to use washing lotion from head to toe NIVEA Baby Nutri Sensitive which is specially formulated with surfactants, no alcohol, dyes and soap gently cleans and protects dry and sensitive, acting efficiently against dehydration.

4. Intensive and regular moisturizing baby’s skin, for dry and sensitive skin barrier function is impaired natural protection. NIVEA Body Milk Baby Nutri Sensitive moisturizes, soothes and protects dry and sensitive skin, and specially formulated with omega-6 restores skin lipid reserves.

After each bath, and the 1 to 2 times per day during the day using a body milk to help rebuild its own fat reserves. We recommend Nutri Sensitive Baby NIVEA milk nutrient

5. Use hypoallergenic cosmetics without fragrance, dyes or preservatives. Thinking about the special needs of infants, NIVEA Baby Nutri Sensitive range has created for them to benefit from the secrets of nature and a complete and intensive care, with products with natural ingredients: 0% parabens, dyes and alcohol and 100% care and delicacy.

6. Avoid using harsh or synthetic fiber clothes that can irritate, cotton and flax being indicated

7. July. In winter use a sunscreen for the face, hands and feet before walking outdoors to protect against wind and cold. You can use nourishing cream NIVEA Baby Cream Nutri Sensitive containing Omega-6 fatty acids, derived from primrose extract. Cream does not contain alcohol, dyes or parabens, and content of panthenol and shea butter soothes baby’s skin, leaving it soft and smooth.

8. It is recommended to wash their things with a special detergent for baby and, most importantly, rinse them well.

9. Use a moisturizer after a visit to the pool or sea, as water, salt or dry use disinfectants baby’s sensitive skin. NIVEA Body Milk Baby Nutri Sensitive is a product we recommend for such situations, it is easy to apply and absorbs quickly, feeding your baby skin.

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One thought on “How to care baby’s dry and sensitive skin”

  • Chester says:

    Hi, my child is two years old, I try to take care her. But most of the time I can’t stay with the baby for my job. I also use Nivea baby cream and lotion and really I get a great result. Her health and skin are better and I think safe. However your ideas are much effective. I will try to apply all these tips.

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