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Parenting Tips

Many parents are mourning about their children’s misbehavior and lack of respect to them. Some parents manage to tackle the problem even before the problem arises. Developing respectful relationship between parent and children is as important as developing good relationship with others. Yet, many parents are struggling to earn some respect from their children. Here are some ways to keep your children respect you as their parent:

1. Teach them etiquette and good manners since childhood

The best time to develop good manners in your children’s personality is in their early childhood. As a parent, you should teach them etiquette and good manners. Simple things such as how to speak nicely to others, how to behave correctly to others, how to ask for help, what to say when they receive something from others, and so on can help them to develop their personality as a good person.

It is your task to teach some good manners about their relationship with others, including their parent, as this is important for their self-development. Teach them about how to respect others and how to behave respectfully to others. In this way, your children will learn that they need to respect their parent who raises them since childhood.

2. Respect your children

Respect them as wonderful being who have their own life. Although they are your children, it doesn’t mean that they are your slave and subject to your will. That’s not so. Your children are valuable gifts for you, so you should treat them with respect. When you do, your children will give the respect back to you.

Don’t use harsh words when you command them to do something. Try to respect and understand their choice. As a parent, your task is not to impose your will upon your children, but to give your support to the development of their fullest potential. So, it is back to the old law that says “in order to give, you must receive.” It is true with parenting. In order to earn respect from your children, you need to give your respect first.

3. Be a good example for them

There will be no better example for your children than you, the parent. So, if you want your children to respect you, show your respect to your parent. Your children will always follow your lead. If you give them good example about how to treat their parent with respect, they will follow you soon or later. You are your children’s pointer.

You don’t need to tell your children what they need to do to you as their parent. You just need to give them good example by your attitudes toward your parent. It is a simple way to persuade your children to treat you with respect.

Building your children’s respect toward their parent should be done since early childhood by constantly teaching your children how to respect others. By applying the tips above, you won’t lose the respect you deserve from your children.

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