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Baby naming trends change from year to year, as census groups determine the popularity of names that have been used the past year. Experts use this information to determine the top and most popular baby names of the following year based on trends from the last. Usually these lists consist of a top ten, top twenty and top one-hundred names and can be found in a variety of places – from the internet to baby naming books.

Here is a list of the top ten baby names for girls in 2009:


Here is a list of the top ten baby names for boys in 2009:


Baby naming trends change from year to year as parents make the transition from traditional names, to modern names to names that have been derived from different backgrounds and ethnic traditions.

These popular top baby names lists change from year to year. It is important to remember that if you choose a name from the top ten lists it is not going to be a unique name. Unique names are not often found on the top ten lists, and you can be guaranteed that when you bring your child to day care, pre-school or kindergarten there is more than likely going to be a child that has that same name. Using the top ten lists, the parents can choose a popular name that can be matched easily with others on the list.

Taking part in forums can assist the new parents in choosing a name that suits the child, as well as matching the first name with a middle name, or even two middle names. Take advantage of all tools available when finding a unique or popular name for the child that you are naming.

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19 thoughts on “Top Ten Baby Names 2009”

  • heather ortiz says:

    Looking for a middle for Anthony or Aidan

  • Ed says:

    Our Ayden’s middle is Riley. That’s about as Irish as you can get.

  • kay says:

    aidan james

  • colleen says:

    if you can not decide go with anthony jacob

  • Carly says:

    Anthony Gage
    Anthony Reid
    Aidan Micheal
    Aidan Steven
    Aidan Luke
    A boy name I really like is Calum .. just throwin’ it out there :).

  • nicole amor says:

    i have five children, called emma, daniel, justin, benjamin & alyssa and i am now on baby number six, which is another girl, but stuck on a name…. apart from daisy jade!! our surname is amor…. any thoughts

  • gabie says:

    thax those names help alot :)

  • Olivia says:

    I dont know what name to name my baby…I am very confused about everything..my dad wants me to name him after my grandfather, ray.Please help!

  • FRANK says:

    i love the name brenden and coraline

  • FRANK says:

    brenden mathew and coraline jade

  • Keyi says:


  • Jenna says:

    Aiden Braxton (:

  • mia says:

    i went with aiden malachi i hate that its so popular but ive known since i was13 wut i was gonna name my baby if it was a boy, so just find somthin that jumps out at u n u love n stick wit it.

  • adreana says:

    i wanted to name my kid aiden thomas

  • adreana says:

    i like the name ray but you hould go with whatever you want it your baby

  • adreana says:

    for nicole amor i like the name sage grace

  • Breana says:

    if you cant decide go with Anna Marie

  • Faira says:

    I love Faira :)
    that’s my name.
    don’t jockkk.

  • Adele says:

    Aiden variants are also in the top 100 for girls. My brother just named his daughter Ayden Grace.

    We would name a boy Rory (which would be a II after dh’s father), and dh was incredulous and sickened to see it in the top 10 for girls. Blast those gilmore girls. Haha.

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